I Believe…

“Being great at what you do isn’t just something you do for the organization you work for-it’s a gift you give yourself.”
Robin Sharma


Fear of Social Media

Here I am, having to take my last few classes before graduating. I had to contemplate on taking a research class or a social media class. Research sounds absolutely boring, but in my realm of knowledge. Social Media? I have zero knowledge about. I than decided to ask a few of my colleagues. Obviously, when I ask my young peers they all said, ” the social media class”. Why? Because they know all about social media.

But wait… I have a fear of social media. Yes. Ridiculous right? Who can be afraid of social media? Many. My point is, is  as students that are soon making way into the work world, its important for us to understand that not every person that we come into contact with is social media savvy. And for us  as Public Relations, Business, Advertising, and Communications majors. It is important for us to know peoples fears about social media if they have it, before we can win them over with our knowledge of social media that can potentially take their business to the next level. Attached is a website that I found on the 7 ways to master the fear of social media. Hope you find it interesting!

7 Ways To Master the Fear of Social Media


Public Relations Major…

Choosing to study Public Relations, is probably one of  the best decisions I have ever made. Many business owners run a business, and neglect the facade of their business. As a team member of your company, I will use my personable skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to express your company with the utmost integrity and value it holds. I strongly believe that if you fail to tell the world what you are about or that you exist, they will not find the importance, and the value of your company.

About me…

My name is Elizabeth Truong. I was born in Sacramento, California. My aspirations would be to create  and drive any business given the opportunity, to it’s peak performance. I have experience in accomplishing sales quotas, management, and human resources. I have always accomplished and exceeded all task assigned to me. I believe my skills, work ethnic, and enthusiasm will serve you well.