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Recycled Plastic Bag Kiosk

 Informant Page

Name: Ralph David

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Suggestion: My suggestion would be to add rewards for using the kiosks like store coupons or discounts the next time you go in and shop.

Name: Jenny Avido

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Suggestion: I would add the Green Box in convenient stores like “7-eleven” in addition to grocery stores because a lot of students go into the 7-elevens near campus.

Name: Andre Kim Pham

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Suggestion: I would suggest the Green Box sell bigger plastic bags too but in a much cheaper price than the stores charge.

 Name: Laura Lucas

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Suggestion: I would add incentives for people to use the Green Box like having it add reward points which you can use to purchase new plastic bags or save it up for bigger rewards like movie tickets.


            We have invented a plastic recycling kiosk that will be like a vending machine in reverse. The kiosk will reimburse the recycler five cents for each recycled bag or have the choice to buy new recycled bags for ten cents. Our machine will be known as “Green Box” and is labeled as such because the color green symbolizes environmental protection. The kiosk will look and be colored similarly to the image provided below.

   The tangible benefits of our product is having a physical kiosk in a store which the recycler can touch. For example, the kiosk allows the customer to purchase and recycle plastic bags with a touch of a screen. The intangible benefit of having this product is the awareness that they are helping the environment by recycling and purchasing recycled plastic bags.

       My partner and I will market our product to San Jose State University (SJSU) semi-green students. For example, semi-green’s are the new American majority that do care about global warming. Most are media green (who are educated from college and read/watch news about global warming and wish they could do something about global warming but don’t). The Green Box will give our targeted market the opportunity to help the environment.

Client Profile: San Jose State University Students


Age: 18-45

Sex: Male, Female

Social Class: Middle class

Education: University

Ethnic Background: Diverse (Hispanic, Asian, African, Caucasia, Middle Eastern)


Region: Ectopia

Population: 31,000


Hobby: reading and learning from media sources

Activities: recycling bottles/cans


Personality: semi-green

Goals: help preventing global warming

            The single most significant competitor to Green Box is PepsiCo’s “Dream machine”. PepsiCo’s kiosk is similar to our product in a way that it recycles cans and bottles instead of plastic bags. Customers place the plastic or aluminum bottle (no glass yet) in the proper chute. The machine then processes a receipt with reward points good for travel or movie tickets, or other benefits, such as coupons for Pepsi products.

            The bin does not crush containers, as the sponsors’ research says consumers don’t like the noise. Each kiosk can hold about 300 bottles or cans. The person responsible for emptying the machine gets an alert via email when the machine is nearly full. The recyclables are then picked up by Waste Management. An idea we can steal and improve from PepsiCo’s recycle kiosk is the rewards program to attract customers.

Product Modification/Pricing/Promotion

            We would modify our Green Box by adding a rewards program to our product. For example, the more recycled bags a person deposits, the more reward points they get to use on new plastic bags, store coupons, product discounts, or movie tickets. In addition to reward points, we would also like to add a video screen that plays advertising and informational videos, which are updated wirelessly and tailored to each site. By adding advertising to our kiosks, we gain sponsors who in turn give us their products or discounts which can be used as additional reward incentives for our potential clientele.

            In addition to serving as a recycle kiosk, the Green Box will also sell new recycled paper bags for ten cents which the clientele can use when they go into a convenient or grocery store. This will be a minimal cost to us as we are selling the paper bags more than we are giving for turning in old plastic bags. Most of our products profit  will come from sponsors who put advertisements in our videos because like television commercials, we’ll charge in the thousands depending on the length of their advertisement.

            For on campus Green Box’s, the university can tie in its recycling initiative with sponsorships provided by consumer product companies. Students and faculty who return their plastic bags on campus receive coupons to redeem goods from key sponsors, as well as items from the university’s food service provider. We expect our profits to reach maximum sales once students and faculty gain increased awareness of Green Box and that in turn will attract more sponsors who will pay for advertisements on the kiosks.

            We would like to add our Green Box’s to all the local grocery, convenient, and restaurants around San Jose State University as many students walk out of campus to buy products. In addition, we would also add the Green Box in the campus village and the student union as that is where most of the students spend their time at school. Students walking will notice the Green Box that displays advertisements and videos which would attract their attention towards the kiosk. As awareness increases, Green Box will start to generate sales as more clientele are attracted by the rewards from it and that will in turn motivate them to recycle their old plastic bags instead of throwing them away in trash bins.


            We chose this product because as of January 1, 2012, the  “Bring your own Bag” ordinance began in San Jose, CA. Grocery stores, pharmacies, small, and large retailers can no longer provide plastic carry out bags at checkout. Stores may still provide paper bags made of 40% post consumer recycled material and charge a minimum of ten cents for each bag. After the initial two years, the minimum charge will be increase to twenty five cents.

            Since this ordinance came to effect, it has affected a lot of people living in the city and we believe that our product will thrive with this law in place. Green Box will not only attract clientele to recycle plastic bags but they also gain rewards for doing it. The more our target market uses our product, the more profits we can receive from it.

            We chose this niche because we know that semi-greens want to do something to help the environment but don’t , so we give them incentives to do it. The rewards program will be interesting to clientele because not only does it reward them with money but also products that sponsors give out. The entire campaign might work because more students are aware of the pending global warming crises now with the recent changes in weather and they can start it by protecting the environment by recycling plastic bags.

            Our product is original because there is no recycling kiosk likes ours that not only recycles plastic bags but also offer rewards for doing so. Green Box is not only helping students become aware of recycling plastic bags but also helps them become more aware of global warming. We believe you should give us an “A” because you stressed the importance of going “Green” and the pending global warming disasters that will happen in our life time. Our product allows our target market to recycle plastic bags and keep them away from harming the environment.